About us Drukuj

It is our pleasure to welcome you at ROM-TEX.

Fifteen years of business have brought us recognition and respect of our customers in Poland and abroad. Our knitwear products for men and women are distinguished by a very high quality and a wide selection of designs, which are based on the latest fashion trends.

We make it possible by:

  1. Using the best imported yarns: 100% wool (cashmere, merino), viscose cotton (applied in various configurations).
  2. Maintaining a stock of machines, which can manufacture highest quality knitwear and designs.
  3. Knowledge and skills of technology specialists and workers.


That is why we are appreciated by customers in Poland and abroad.

We co-operate with Polish companies, among others: Simple, Big Star, Vistula & Wólczanka, Lee Cooper. We export our products to the majority of EU countries (e.g.:  Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden)

ROM-TEX owners are open to novelties and customers’ needs. Nothing is impossible here and this is reflected by our leading position in the country.

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